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Alan Lake wrote:

I've tried to use Glade-3, but my customer has provided the tool bar 
buttons.  I first set up my tool bar using stock buttons, then tried to 
switch to my custom buttons.  When I use a custom button, whether it is 
bmp, gif or png, it becomes invisible.  I could not find where the stock 
buttons are stored to try to make my custom buttons conform as much as 
possible to them.  I can use the custom buttons in Glade-2, so I'm 
starting to work with that product.

There is currently a bug in glade-3 that causes it to drop custom images 
from menus and things. I'm using glade-3.0.3, which seems to be the 
latest version I can use without mangling all my projects.

I'd like to change the color of the tool bar, but am unable to see how 
to do it.  (I'm trying to make the appearance of my window look as much 
as possible like his Visual Basic window.)

You probably want to do this with a gtk theme. Changing the colours of 
things is generally frowned upon because it doesn't play well with themes.

I need to incorporate something like gtkhtml2 into my project.  (My 
installation of Ruby-Gnome2 failed to install gtkmozembed.)  I tried to 
install the GTK Widget Factory so that I might make gtkhtml2 into a 
Glade widget, but it appears to be incomplete.  The "configure" failed 
at libtool, but I don't know how to make it work.  Perhaps I should ask 
how to incorporate gtkhtml2 into the code that will be generated by 

Can't help you with this one. Sorry.

Daniel Kasak
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NUS Consulting Group
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