[Glade-users] combobox in gtk+

hi...am new to gtk+. i am building an interface and want to display 2 images
in 2 different image widgets...i managed to display only one but the second
does not work...am using the following code to display the first image:

on_cbo_itemdesign_changed              (GtkComboBox     *combobox,
                                        gpointer         user_data)

GtkWidget *image;

 image = lookup_widget(GTK_WIDGET(combobox), "img_objectdesign");
 gtk_image_set_from_file (GTK_IMAGE(image), "Pictures/baby.jpg");


what must i use to display another image using the same signal (
on_cbo_itemdesign_changed)...any  one who knows the code for this problem?

any help would be appreciated....thanks
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