[Glade-users] (Lame title ahead) A few random problems / questions...

Hello Glade people!

I am wrapping libglade to BlitzMax (a really pleasant proprietary - but not
"evil" - programming language), and I think I am nearly done. Everything is
drawing fine, no error messages, signals are coming in, callbacks work, etc.
Almost all is nice as far as I am at the moment :)

A few bothersome chunks, though:

-The GUI I am testing this with has a GTKAboutDialog. The dialog displays
fine, with an image, license data and authors.
However, the website label (displayed as a button in the interface designer)
becomes a mere label with the URL of my web site. (It is not clicky). Why
would this be?
Also, and perhaps more importantly, I can't figure out how to assign a
signal handler for the dialog's Close button! Clicking it does nothing
normally. I have tried adding a handler to the "close" signal (in GTKDialog)
for the About window, but it is not triggered.

-Those configurable menu accelerators are an awesome feature. Do they
require libgnome to work?

-Where can I find out what all these signals mean? For example, "realize"
and "unrealize" baffle me.

-I find myself overriding all of my programs' windows' delete signal
handlers and adding gtk_true to them, instead having the windows hide /
appear when needed rather than be generated on the spot. Is this normal? Can
I speed this along and have the signals added by default rather than do it
manually every time?

-In the Glade Interface Designer, where I set up signal handlers, there is a
check box that says "After." What does that option do?

-Is there perhaps some tool I can use to probe the UI, checking out what
signal handlers are attached to widgets, maybe sending out fake signals?
This would be a great way to find my way around all of this.

Thanks in advance,
-Dylan McCall
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