[Glade-users] Jointed Glade Interface

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 15:42 -0300, Diogo Ramos wrote:
Hello to all,

I am using Glade and really enjoying it, but something is bothering me
to the guts: The jointed interface.
I really liked the interface of Glade 2, which was using the same
paradigm of Gimp of floating windows.
Now, it's all together and my poor little aplication is squeezed in the
middle of it.
It just getting in the way.
Is there any way to compile Glade in a way which the windows would be
floating around again or it's a permanent feature?

Currently glade is a single window UI, although there are some plans
to make some of the UI components dockable (i.e. the user would have
the choice to "detach" some components, like the


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