[Glade-users] Fwd: Discrepancy in controls' appearance

On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 15:07 -0600, Nathan Rogowski wrote:
Hi, I was wondering how to fix a discrepancy between the way my
Python/GTK/Glade program's GUI looks when the glade file is loaded in
the editor and when the program is run from the command line, and the
way it looks when I create a Windows executable using Python's
distutils and py2exe. I'm not able to disclose the software completely
because of its nature, but I have included the following PNG image
describing a little more. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to fix this discrepancy
in font and control size? I'm wondering if it is with pangocairo,
which I don't know anything about...

Hi Nathan,
   Gtk+ doesnt apear the same way on all sites nor does it attempt to.
Depending on the currently installed theme engines and system default
fonts your app will have different colours, fonts, etc. (but your app
usually will share the same look & feel with other gtk+ apps installed
on the same system).

Is there a reason why your app should look exactly the same on
your target windows system as on your development linux box ?

One problem I can see in your interface is that in the second
case (on WinXP) the text is clipped - this means that the GtkLabel
is not getting the size allocation that it requested, it could
be that the UI uses a GtkFixed container which is just not going
to work on interfaces where font sizes can change dynamically
(if you stick with GtkBox/GtkTable you shouldnt have this problem).


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