[Glade-users] Widget namespaces

Tomek Lorek wrote:

Hi there,
Is there any possibility to get something like namespaces? In one
project I have several windows, each contains an "Ok" and "Cancel"
buttons. Those names are bOk and bCancel. The problem is that when I
refXml->get_widget("bOk", m_bOk);
I get the first bOk widget from the .glade file. I wouldn't like to
use widget names like window1_bOk, window2_bOk etc. Instead I'd like
the get_widget method to allow passing a namespace or sth.

I asked about this problem before, and the answer was that it wasn't 
currently possible, and that names had to be unique. I now have 1 glade 
project per window, which largely works around this.

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