[Glade-users] Reverting back to Glade-2 UI

On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 12:04 +0000, Mystilleef wrote:

I guess I'm the last soul on earth who likes the Glade-2 UI better
than the Glade-3 one. Is there anyway to make Glade-3 use the Glade-2
UI. The "everything-in-one-window" UI is hard to use.

You are not the last soul on earth no, currently the UI in glade is
static - we dont really plan on making the most complex candy UI here
but we have been discussing at least making the project-view and
editor detatchable.

You can always use Anjuta as a glade frontend too, anjuta uses
gdl which contains a flexable nifty docking widget - this lets
you setup your glade frontend UI in a highly customizable

Note that in development stage releases you might get some
skew between anjuta & glade (although its stablizing, some
api's have changed so it might not build straight out of
the box).


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