[Glade-users] Start-up Properties

On 2/14/07, Walser, Guenter (wanagu) <guenter.walser at wanagu.eu> wrote:

If I want to store the closing properties (position, width, heigth) of a
window and use them at start up time to recreate the window with these
properties again, is this possible?

In GLADE I could find only the settings for the windowposition (None,
Center, Mouse, ..) and a way to set the width & heigth. But with this it
always opens the same size and position.

Do I have to manipulate the glade file (change values stored for properties,
but this would be for all users valid) or rather differently by manipulating
after the glade file has been loaded?

Please excuse if this question has been raised and answered already, I
couldn't find it.

Thanks & Regards



You have to store the position and size of the window to a file before
it is closed/hidden. When your app is started, you read the file to
get the position and size of the window. Based on the information, you
move and resize the window appropriately before it is shown to the


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