[Glade-users] Glade 3.4.0 Signal newbie problem


Newbie again sorry, I have spent 18 months away from Glade and I am
having signal callback connection with an Anjuta project. I am using
Anjuta 2.2.2 and Glade3.4.0. 

So I follow the procedure:

(1) in Anjuta start a new gtk project and save (this creates the glade
(2) open the glade file in Glade3.4.0
(3) add a button to the window (that is already there)
(4) select the button and choose the handler "on_button1_clicked"
(5) set user data "button1*"
(6) save the glade file
(7) open the callbacks.c file and type:
     void on_button1_clicked                     (GtkButton *button1)
         printf("button1 pressed\n");  
(8) save the callbacks.c file
(7) open the callbacks.h file and type:
     void on_button1_clicked                     (GtkButton *button1)

(8) save the callbacks.h file
(9) build the project - compiled successfully
(10) run the program with the following output:

    (acc:24138): libglade-WARNING **: could not find signal handler

I am sure the problem is trivial, or heavily documented somewhere, but I
cannot find it. Please help.


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