[Glade-users] create_window silly issue

I'm sorry... I'm a beginner user with both glade and GTK so my question
is probably silly...

well, the problem is that glade seems not to update the names of windows
properly: say I open a project, create a window, give it a name, save
and autogen-make the project, that will work fine; but if I instead
create the window, save&build, autogen&make and only then I rename the
window with a new name, then make will fail cause main() still try to
call create_OLDNAME(), where OLDNAME if the initial name of the window,
instead of create_NEWNAME().

I was just wondering whether each time I decide to rename a window I
should look in main() and replace the function names correctly or there
is an option that can be activated or whatever

btw, I installed glade through the main debian repository


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