[Glade-users] Treeview doesnt refresh upon reopenning window

Jason Brisbane wrote:
Hello All,

I am looking for a fix for a Treeview issue that I am having.

I have created a Treeview that gets its data from a database and 
populates the list with the results of the database.
This works well as even if the database table was empty (rows=0) then it 
still displays the headers (better than I thought).

Can't help you at all with the specific problem you're having, but if 
you're just after an easy way of viewing / editing data from a database, 
check out my 'Axis' project, at:


There are 2 database modules ( Gtk2::Ex::DBI and 
Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI ), for forms and datasheets respectively. The 
datasheet module does exactly what you're trying to do - fetch data from 
a database, dump it into a treeview, manage database updates.

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