[Glade-users] Gladex: Python Code Generator

Hey, users

I've been writing a little Python script called Gladex that takes a
Glade file and spits out a Python script. The generated script can
display the Glade-defined GUI and includes definitions for all the
callback functions. It only seems to work with Glade2 files. I've tried
it with Glade3, but haven't had any luck. I guess it handles things a
little differently.

I have the Glade beginnings of a GUI for the program (gladex.glade), but
it's currently nonfunctional. The script works well enough to take this
file and turn it into a Python script which can display the GUI.

If you want to give the program a shot, just download the newest version


extract the files, navigate into the gladex directory, and execute

$ python gladex gladex.glade
$ python gladex.py

Gladex also takes arguments for the output Python file and the name of
the output class. Try --help for details.

I'm versioning with bzr on my personal computer, but would put it up on
SourceForge if others are interested in developing. Let me know what you
think. Thanks.

-Charles Edward Pax

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