[Glade-users] Can't launch Glade

Jon Cosby wrote:
I've just installed Glade on Suse 10.0 but can't launch it. Doing it from the command line I get  jon at 
linux:/usr/local/bin> ./glade-3 ./glade-3: error while loading shared libraries: libgladeui-1.so.4: cannot 
open shared object file: No such file or directory  The libgladeui files are in /usr/local/lib. I went with 
the defaults on the installation.  I see libgladegnome and libgladegtk are in another directory. Should 
this be the target directory for the ui files?

Hi, looks like you installed into /usr/local, which is the default
installation directory for most packages, except it is not
a default library search path in most distributions.

you can:
   a.) Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib
   b.) Add /usr/local/lib to the /etc/ld.so.conf file.


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