[Glade-users] spurious missing signal handler warnings?

I've been using glade-3 extensively with some newly written code,
hooking up signals and callbacks with glade_xml_signal_connect().

When launching executable, it prints lots of the missing signal handler

    "libglade-WARNING **: could not find signal handler 'foobar'"

Yet nothing appears to be broken, and all the callbacks are called
correctly, which leads me to think the warning
is bogus. Is there any way to track if something bad is happening
but hidden? Thanks!

Abel Cheung   (GPG Key: 0xC67186FF)
Key fingerprint: 671C C7AE EFB5 110C D6D1  41EE 4152 E1F1 C671 86FF
* GNOME Hong Kong - http://www.gnome.hk/
* Opensource Application Knowledge Assoc. - http://oaka.org/
* My own cave: http://me.abelcheung.org/

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