[Glade-users] Title bar / window frame missing on Linux

On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 02:27 -0700, Travis Staloch wrote:
Can anyone tell me what I should do to get my Glade
app to show a title bar on Linux.  When run on
windows, it shows the standard frame around it (blue
title bar at top with cancel, minimize and maximize
buttons).  However, all that is missing when run with
mono on linux.  The app's form shows up fine and I can
use it.  But it doesn't show up in the taskbar and it
is missing the title bar.

The app was written using glade on windows.  I'm
running mono 1.1.15 on FC5.  

Try changing properties of the window like "Type", "Type Hint",
"Decorated". These can affect the window decorations, I think. Though it
is up to the window manager what it eventually displays.

(If you want to send me the XML file privately I'll try it here.)


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