[Glade-users] changing the title on the main window.

Uri wrote:
the application i am writing need to change the title on the main window every
time something happens.

i tried using:


passing as a paramter a pointer to the main window, but that will only create a
new window with title i want.

how do you change the title of the main window at runtime?

get the pointer to the window from the GladeXML after parsing the
glade file:

xml = glade_xml_new (...);

/* ... do stuff ... */

window = glade_xml_get_widget (xml, "the_name_of_your_main_window");

/* ... do stuff ... */

g_object_unref (xml);

After initializing your app... you can keep the 'window' address
around and call gtk_window_set_title() on it.


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