[Glade-users] GtkClist Problem (Seg fault)

Hello all,

I've Got a problem with creayion of a GtkClist.... I'm developping a small
mysql interface which only deals withs 3 tables. I've got 3 buttons which
may build each a dynamic clist to display the content of the selected
table in the same widget. When I compile it, it returns :

(project2:1390): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_object_set_data_full: assertion
`GTK_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
Erreur de segmentation


(project2:30722): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_object_set: assertion
`GTK_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed

(project2:30722): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_object_set_data_full: assertion
`GTK_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
Erreur de segmentation

The Widget is called dyn_clist and is called by an event on the button
"CLients" Here's the code :

GtkWidget *dyn_clist (gchar *nom_table)
  GtkWidget *Stox_main;
  GtkWidget *scrolledwindow1;
  GtkWidget *clist1;
  GtkWidget *label;
  gint      i;
  gint      cols = 3;
  gchar     *sql;
  MYSQL_RES *res_str;
  MYSQL_ROW db_row;
  MYSQL_FIELD *field;

        gchar     *row[15] = {"", "", "", "", "",
                              "", "", "", "", "",
                              "", "", "", "", ""};

 scrolledwindow1 = gtk_scrolled_window_new (NULL, NULL);
 gtk_widget_show (scrolledwindow1);
  sql = g_strconcat("select * from ", nom_table, 0L);
  g_print("sql is: %s\n", sql);
  if (mysql_query (conn, sql) != 0)
      g_print("Echec de la requete...\n");
      return 0L;
  res_str = mysql_store_result (conn);

  cols = mysql_num_fields(res_str);

  clist1 = gtk_clist_new (cols);
             "clist1", clist1,
             0L); */
  gtk_widget_show (clist1);
  gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (scrolledwindow1), clist1);
  gtk_clist_column_titles_show (GTK_CLIST (clist1));

for (i = 0; i < cols; i++)
       mysql_field_seek(res_str, i);
       field = mysql_fetch_field(res_str);
       label = gtk_label_new (field->name);
       gtk_widget_show (label);
       gtk_clist_set_column_widget (GTK_CLIST (clist1),
                                    i, label);
       gtk_clist_set_column_width (GTK_CLIST (clist1),
                                   i, 80);

   while ((db_row = mysql_fetch_row (res_str)) != 0L)
        for (i = 0; i < cols; i++)
              row[i] = db_row[i];
        gtk_clist_append(GTK_CLIST(clist1), row);

  return scrolledwindow1;

/***********************Glade events*****************/

on_Clients_clicked                     (GtkButton       *button,
                                        gpointer         user_data)

   gchar     *nom_table;

   gtk_signal_connect_object (GTK_OBJECT (button), "clicked",
                               GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_widget_destroy),
GTK_OBJECT (scwindow_table));

   nom_table = "clients";
   g_print("table name : %s...\n", nom_table);
   scwindow_table = dyn_clist(nom_table);
   /*gtk_object_set_data_full (GTK_OBJECT(StoX_main),
                     "scwindow_table", scwindow_table,
                     (GtkDestroyNotify) gtk_widget_unref);*/
   gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER(lookup_widget(StoX_main,
                    "vpaned_table_bottom")), scwindow_table);


I'm newbie in devlopping applications, so I hope someone will know better
than me how to correct this error....


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