[Glade-users] Problems Adding Pixmaps

Hello Brian,

Brian Hartman a ?crit :
Hi, Everyone.

I'm just about done with my current project.  All I'm trying to do now
is add a pixmap in Glade.  I've got a file, "metricalc.png", that I
dutifully loaded into the pixmaps directory where Options says it should
be.  I compiled and ran my program, but no pixmap shows up where it
should be, and the console shows the message:  "Couldn't find pixmap
file: metricalc/metricalc.png".  I find that very interesting, since
that's *not* where it should be looking for it in the first place! 
Plus, even when I copy the file there, and then run make and make
install, it still doesn't work.  Can anyone give me some guidance?  Thanks!

I just post a message called "GtkImage" with the same problem.
You have to "make install" to get your pixmap.


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