[Glade-users] signal question

Jim Bodkikns (Dakotacom) wrote:
... has anyone considered a signal (for entry's for example) on_exit? 
(To be
called when focus leaves) Gtk is new to me, but I would find on_exit more
usefull I suspect than on_change(d) - although I will probably use
on_change(d) at times as well. This may be a gtk question that doesnt 
on a glade list.

I remember reading a highly detailed document about why
focus changes are the wrong place to authenticate entries
(on any platform actually), I cant find that document now...

This slightly touches on the subject:

I agree that there should be a clear entry-validation process,
you have a good idea ? maybe you should take it up on
gtk-devel-list gnome org ?


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