[Glade-users] begginer in GLADE

Carlos Garces wrote:

I'm a experienced VB6 programer (6 years) that what to learn another language.

I start with C++ and GLADE.

To start to learn I what to made a GLADE interface of this project
This a Open Source C++ project that not use GTK for GUI

     you should consider using gtkmm; from what I hear this is
the most convenient way of using GTK+ in C++, you should also
consider using libglade (if thats not already your plan).

If think that is the correct list (i need help in C++ an GLADE) I can
start to discuss it.If any one knows a mailins list that is better for
me (for begginers and/or in spanish), please tell me.

If you want help on GTK+ issues, ask them on the GTK+ list
(gtk-app-devel-list gnome org), questions about glade files
and the glade tool should be asked here.


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