[Glade-users] how to fill a ComboBoxEntry with the names of files of a directory ?

Hi, if I understand correctly what you want to do, there is already a 
dialog that does what you want. Check out

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santiago pita apc univ-paris7 fr wrote:

Hi, I'm a beginner-user of glade. I have created a GUI with a Browser 
and an empty ComboBoxEntry. I would like, when the user selects a 
directory with the Browser, the ComboBoxEntry to be filled with the 
names of the files which are this directory.

For that, I have choosen the Signal="clicked" for the button OK of my 
Browser. As a consequence, I have the following lines in the 
callback.c file:

on_filechooserbutton_clicked(GtkButton *button, gpointer user_data)


I suppose that I have to fill this, beginning with something like:
GtkFileChooser *chooser;
chooser = lookup_widget(button,"runlist_filechooserdialog");

But I don't know how to continue in order:
1) get the list of files being in the selected directory
2) put this in my ComboBoxEntry

I would appreciate some help!

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