[Glade-users] function pointers and signals

antonio giulio wrote:


using glade-GUI I have added a signal for a button. In "Object" field
I want to insert a function-pointer for a generic function:

void on_button_clicked(GtkButton * button, gpointer user_data)
      void (* func) (gint) = user_data;

but in run-time I got "user_data = 0x0".

Is it possible past in Glade-GUI a function pointer?

No currently its not possible to get a function
pointer as user-data when defining the signal
in glade, it could be possible to resolve a user
defined string using dlsym(), effectively passing
any globally visible symbol's pointer into the
user_data argument.

This patch to libglade already does it:

But the future of glade is in the builder, so
I'd suggest you make an RFE for that on this bug:
(maybe it will help to grease the wheel :D)


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