[Glade-users] Generate c-file in glade3?? from Aug 15 2006

Hi, I'm a new comer to this list.  

I was about to write about something concerning a
strange behavior in libglade + Glade-2 but just when I
was looking at the archive to see if someone came
across the same problem I actually stumbled across
this thread.  This brought back memories of reading a
reasonably big discussion several months ago about
abandoning C code generation.  While I could see both
sides of the argument I actually sided with leaving
the feature there at that time, as I had a similar
problem to one of the authors (I couldn't seem to find
where the thread is):

In one of the applications I wrote, there's a dialogue
with the following layout:

Label   Spinbutton
Label   Spinbutton

The problem is the number of Label-Spinbutton pairs is
determined at run time.  I cannot have a single glade
file with just the two widgets and apply it multiple
times because each widget has to have a unique name.
Therefore I'm just curious if there are more "libglade
friendly" ways of doing that in Glade-3, or I'd need
to code it - in which case a code generator will
actually ease the process quite a bit.

Really keen on trying out Glade-3 but is a bit panicky
about upgrading in my working computer at this point
as there are applications that still requires code
generation like the example above...

Cheers and all the best,

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