[Glade-users] glade 3.0, gtkmessage and text

Enrico wrote:
Hi at all!
I've just installed glade 3.0 (great tool!) and i've noticed the new
gtkmessage...but how can I insert the primary / secondary text?

Hi Enrico,
     Normally we handle inaccessible properties by adding some support
code around them (the text of a GtkTextView for instance), these properties
admittedly went unnoticed by us.

Now I'm not exactly sure how this should ideally be dealt with, you see -
gtk+-2.10 does include these things as properties, so if you run glade
against gtk+ 2.10, and load the interface using libglade & gtk+ 2.10, then
the properties will be available (at this time; if you go on to later open
and save the same file using glade & gtk+ 2.8, then any 2.10 properties
will be "forgotton" from the glade file).

I guess that just means that "this bug is fixed in gtk+ 2.10" ?


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