[Glade-users] Generate c-file in glade3??

Isenmann Daniel wrote:
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On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 15:28:21 -0400
Tristan Van Berkom <tvb at gnome.org> wrote:

Isenmann Daniel wrote:

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Hi there,

it can be possible that I overlook something. But I don't see the
preferences dialog to generate c-code directly from glade. Also
there is no generate button to generate the c-code. I can only save
the .glade-file. 

Have I overlook something??

Yes ! you have overlooked libglade :D

Glade generated code has been unmaintained for years and is generally
considered a bad idea - that considered, glade no longer generates
code (ofcourse this also means that we no longer maintain a bulk of
irrelevent code just to generate code that noone is using anyway).

You can save yourself some trouble, and probably a few hundred lines
of code in your application, by just using libglade.


Thanks for the fast reply... 
I have used the c-code generated from glade, but that was always such
little tools... So, I have to learn how to integrate libglade. I have
found the documentation of libglade, now I must read it... :-)
Keep up the good work...

Hey thanks !

Dont worry about libglade, its really just a few functions that you
need to know, I'd recommend looking at the test-libglade.c file included
with the libglade tarball (probably also viewable with cvsweb).


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