[Glade-users] errors while trying to run glade-3

got, thanks!
now, it wasn't supposed to be an embedded interface now? maybe i'm wrong.
also, how do you embed glade into anjuta?


--- Tristan Van Berkom <tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com> wrote:

Uri wrote:

i just downloaded and installed glade-3. i'm running fedora core 5 with
2.14.2, gtk+ 2.8.x and libxml2.
after typing glade-3 on a terminal this is what i would get (followed by
more) and then it will just hang... 
any ideas?


Yes, I'm not sure if you recieved my follow up release mail... which
included a list of known issues... principal reason for noting the
know issues was the issue you are experiencing.

DevHelp 0.11 has no `--version' option and does strange things on
some platforms when fed that option (sometimes it hangs, sometimes it
crashes, sometimes it silently "pops up").

We were unable to find another suitable way to detect the version of
DevHelp and since DevHelp 0.12 is released - its not really a big big
issue (the bug will eventually be phased out on its own).

So to make a long story short, please either:
    - Upgrade to the latest version of DevHelp
    - Use the --without-devhelp command line option provided particularly
      for this issue.

Cheers and thanks,

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