[Glade-users] Follow up: Glade 3 escapes !

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

   This is the full-featured long awaited release (or /escape/) of 
Glade 3 !
its been 5 years in the making and here it is, get these tarballs while
supplies last !

    last night I was a little tired and wanted to close this tarball,
forgot a few things I wanted to include in the release mail, here is a list
of issues that are known to us and we are working on fixing:

   - DevHelp 0.11 causes strange bahaviour at glade startup (DevHelp 0.12
     is out and can be used instead), use --without-devhelp option if 
its giving
     you pain (bug 344043)
   - Namespace issues with libglade - this means if you are an embedding 
     application, you cannot currently safely link against the glade 
core library
     and libglade
   - Notebook tab-labels are not created automatically (for the time 
being, you
     must add your own tab labels to the placeholders in newly created 
notebook tabs)
     (bug 345438)
   - Packing properties are not transfered at Copy/Paste time (bug 345604)
     (Theres a patch on this one and should be available shortly in a 
followup release)
   - Paste only works once for every copied widget (bug 345603).

Cheers all,

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