[Glade-users] Help with textview

On Tue, 2005-10-04 at 00:21 +1000, Nor Azhar Sa'ad wrote:
Hi everyone.
I am using glade with C language for my undergraduate thesis project. Currently
im having trouble with textview, where Ive put the input supplied by the user
into a buffer and try to display it in the text view. However, the GUI window
was automatically closed and I got the msg "Segmentation Fault" whenever the
button that supposed to generate the response was clicked. Can anyone give me a
hand on this? Also, I only found 3 tutorials on using glade from the internet.
Is there anyway i can find more of those, particularly those with sample using

Have you tried running it in gdb? You can then see where it crashed.
  Run 'gdb <application-name>',
  type 'r' to run the application,
  click the button to crash the application
  type 'bt' to get a stack trace.

You could post the relevant code here, and someone will probably spot
the mistake.


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