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Hi folks

I guess I was expecting too much.  I thought that the Modal setting would
enforce the Dialog to remain visible until closed (whereas, in fact, you can
hide it).  It _does_ mean that the User cannot do anything else within the
application until the Dialog is closed - so that's alright.

Cinsider the matter closed.

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Quoting mw158979 <newbie poczta gazeta pl>:


(1)   Under the 'Widget' tab:
What does 'Indicator' mean/do?

If the indicator is drawn, check the tooltip.
The effect is appeareance, so you see all.
C code calls then 'gtk_toggle_button_set_mode()'.

(2)  Under the 'Signals' Tab:
 (a)  What do I name as 'Object' and what effect does this naming have?
 (b)  What is 'After' or otherwise?  What does it matter whetner it is
or otherwise?

(a) You pick there what should be set as a 'user_data' argument for a
It can be a name of another widget, or something else that compiles (e.g.
(b) Chooses between g_signal_connect and g_signal_connect_after (or
gtk_...) as a signal connection mode. Check it in gtk api docs

I gather from that that the user should not be able to do anything else
the Dialog is closed.  Well, it doesn't work that way!  The dialog
okay but the user can proceed to do anything else regardless.

What do you mean by anything? Anything with your app or with the system?
AFAIR modal windows (at least single) work correctly.


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