[Glade-users] Re: Glade-users Digest, Vol 1, Issue 533

i have my main window "window_ssnew", and my gtk entry text
"entry_name", and "next" button. i created using glade. the widget
hierarchy is as follows:
 -  scrolled window
    - layout_scanall
      - layout_scan
     |  |
     |   - layout_sscan_enter
     |      |
     |       -  entry_name (text entry widgt).
      - layout_btns
          -next button

now i had callback for "next" button. when i press next button the next
frame will pop up. but before the next frame appears i would like to
check the "entry_name" widget, whether text entered or not. if not pop
up msg to enter text, only when text is entered the next frame will be
shown, otherwise only warning window will pop up.

how to get this functionality, how to get the entry widget in callbacks
and how to check presence of text.



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