[Glade-users] Highlighting images.

Hello Glade-Users!

I'm writing an educational game for learning geography.
I need to display some map from file(for example Europe) and after 
moving mouse cursor
over some country, I need that country to highlight and after moving the 
cursor out of the country
area, the country region should be darker again.

1) I don't know the tehniques for doing such things. Should I use some 
black-and-white masks
for each country to know which area to highlight?

2) I have problems with drawing on the GtkImage area when I read-in some 
image (with 'gtk_image_set_from_file')
I used the description from:
but I can draw only on the area, where 'gtk_image_set_from_file' didn't 
put any pixel. It seems like the
data from file were put at the screen after my drawing(??)

I don't know if I explained those problems good enough.
If You know any better place to ask that questions, tell me please.
I would be grateful for any help!


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