[Glade-users] Interface Source Code

I've got a couple of questions.

I need to make some changes to the interface.c source code. Glade keeps 
adding in stuff that I don't need and it's
just easier for me to edit it by hand.

I need to know, however, if it would be beneficial for me to move all of 
the GtkWidget* definitions into the header file?
I've seen this done in a couple of programs and looks as if it would 
help me with the first major problem I ran into.

I was looking through the examples for using notebooks and trying to 
implement a remove_page on the notebook in my code.
It kept crashing with a segmentation fault. Finally, after hunting 
someone down in a chat room, they pointed out to me that I needed to 
change my "GtkWidget* notebook1;" line to read: "GtkWidget* notebook1 = 
GTK_NOTEBOOK(user_data);" in the callback function. I also had a hard 
time finding the documentation for user_data.

Would declaring the widgets in the header file make it easier for the 
calling functions to find them?

Lastly, the create_main_window function is huge and difficult to read, 
so I would like to split off the code that creates each page in the 
notebook into a separate function, which would also make it easier to 
tweak the interface.

Does anyone have any useful opinions about this and would like to help 
out a novice programmer?
I haven't taken a class in programming in about 14 years now and never 
in C, but have managed to teach myself a lot and would like to learn more.

ljohnson accessnet com

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