[Glade-users] Text Entry box

I am currently having two problems with using a text entry box (selected
from the glade palette).  Glade seems to set this up as a Gtk::Entry class.

1.) If drag and drop is used within the entry box, it causes the computer to
freeze up.  I don't want this feature anyway, and would like to find a way
to disable it.

2.) The cursor does not appear visible.  No matter what I set the colors of
the entry box to in the .rc file, the cursor never shows up.  There must be
some sort of cursor visibility property that I have not discovered which is
defaulting to invisible.

Within the entry.h file, there are several functions which will change
various parameters of the text entry box, but none of them have anything to
do with the cursor or the drag and drop capability.  If anyone can offer any
information or suggestions for either of this issues, I would appreciate it!

Mike Irwin
irwinmg nswc navy mil

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