[Glade-users] Can you disable drag and drop in the Text Entry box?

Yes, it happens only in the application.  I can drag and drop within =
glade windows just fine, but I have the problem when I am running the

No, it does not give any unusual or unexpected messages when started.

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Le mercredi 09 mars 2005 =C3=A0 10:36 -0500, Irwin Michael G DLVA a =
=C3=A9crit :
Has anyone else noticed that "drag and drop" within a Text Entry box =
compiled application) will cause the computer to freeze up?!  It may =
on my configuration, but it is a definite problem.  I keep doing this =
accident while trying to highlight the text in the box.  Is there any =
disable the "drag and drop" feature?

It only happens in your application, is that right?
Does it print any debug messages when you start it from the command
line, like libglade not finding an event or whatever?

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