[Glade-users] What version of Gtk with glade??

Hi all!

I want to use Glade in order to develop an application with GTK+ 2.x
My application must be portable so I search about this and I also see wGlade for windows. But I see here 
http://wingtk.sourceforge.net the following package :

winGTK* (GTK+ 1.2.x or 1.3 libs) v 0.2
wGlade* (Glade for winGTK 0.2)
Glade for GTK+2*

Should i install GTK+ 2.x version and after Glade for GTK+2* or is it impossible to use Glade on windows with 
GTK+2.x ?? Or is there a wGlade for GTK+2.x ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!!


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