[Glade-users] How do I use the gnomedb widgets?

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You need glade-gnome-db package. If you use debian, then apt-get install


Thank you very much for the information.
It didn't work for me though. I get the message:
"Note, selecting glade-gnome instead of glade-gnome-db
glade-gnome is already the newest version."


Try re-install glade completely. In Gentoo "emerge glade" (or emerge
glade, glade-gnome and glade-gnome-db). If installation is correct, you
must view in the "gnome" and "gnome-db" palettes (see screenshot in

I emerged glade 2.6.8, but it still dosen't show the db widgets.
Trying to emerge glade-gnome or gnome-db both fail - no packages found.

When I look up glade-gnome-db on the Debian site, it is only shown
as avalible in"oldstable". I never heard of that before. maybe it's because
Sarge just went stable? But why is it only avalible in "oldstable", and how do I 
get apt-get to install it?

I normally use Gentoo, but I tried this in a Debian derivative, Kanotix.
Thanks again.


In Debian or derivative, into stable repository (sarge), last version of
glade is  glade-2.6.8 (glade-gnome and glade-gnome-db included). It is
possible install this if you configure source.list to stable/sarge.

I tried adding stable to the sources.list, but it wouldn't install 2.6.8.
It has 2.10.0 installed with the problem still there.


By the way, I think that is advisable you send you mail to
glade-users lists ximian com also. This way, all people of list have a
copy. :-)

Done.cc'd this message to the list.

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I have find glade 2.10 in debian unstable. Try install it.
I have not more solutions. Sorry.

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