[Glade-users] file chooser dialog

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 09:35 -0700, Shiraz Baig wrote:
I have recently installed Fedora. When I try to use
Glade, I find that "File Selction Dialog" no longer
exists in the pallete. Now, only "File Chooser Dialog"
exists. It is a strange kind of widget. It simply
gives two buttons "Add" and "Remove". I also do not
see, any help or tutorial for this widget.

I wonder who creates such widgets, without any
documentation. Where should one go for the
documentation. I tried to locate on the Internet for
file choose dialog, but I only find vague remarks. No
one describes its function calls.

could any one point out to API for this widget or any
help for this widget. In Fedora, I do not find File
Selection Dialog and I am feeling quite disturbed.

The new dialog is a standard part of GTK+ now, and is documented here:


It is better, once you get used to it. (Though I agree that the 'Add'
and 'Remove' buttons are confusing. They are for adding bookmarks to
directories, which appear in the left-hand side of the dialog.)


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