[Glade-users] gtk append row

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 16:28:20 +0530
srinivas <srinivas comodo com> wrote:


i have some problem with gtk_clist_append, i can't able to append to

   i have a application like, fs is the file selection widget object.
i am getting the name of file selected as

gchar *data;
data[j] = (gchar *)gtk_file_selection_get_filename (GTK_FILE_SELECTION

now i want to append the path of file in to clist, i given like this.

gtk_clist_append (GTK_CLIST (clist_sst_file_sel),(gchar *) data_app);

If I'm not recalling wrong, clist needs an array of strings as argument
to add a new row, not  a simple string.

So you need something like

  gchar *data[1];

Then assign the string to be added to the first pointer, and call append


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