[Glade-users] Dialogs: center on parent


Dialogs have a /position/ property in Glade which includes a value of 
/center on parent/. However, at runtime, that setting doesn't seem to 
take effect, as the dialog comes off in seemingly random locations (as 
if chosen by the window manager). Looking in the generated glade file, I 
can see that the property [1] was indeed included there by Glade. That 
seems to indicate that the problem lies somewhere else (libglademm?).

Has anybody else perceived such behavior? I ask this because I intend to 
file a bug report. FWIW, the development environment is Windows XP SP2 
with version 2.4 of the Gtkmm development libraries.

[1] <property name="window_position">

Thank you,

Ney Andr� de Mello Zunino

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