[Glade-users] Problem of linking gtk-demo images.c program


Appreciate your response. The glib I was using was in the package
GTK+/Win32 dev env Installer 2.4-rc25, and I think the version was glib
2.4.8. The images.c source code was in the directory
C:\GTK\share\gtk-2.0\demo after installation. I also modified the source
program main.c and demos.h to exclude other part of the demo (because it
calls a bunch of other programs that I didn't need). These two files
plus demo-common.h are from the source pkg of gtk+2.6 that was
separately downloaded from http://www.gtk.org/download/.

I will try GTK+2.4.9 to find out how the demo use g_fopen(), while I
wait the release of glib 2.5.4.=20

Thank you!

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g_fopen() was only added to GLib recently. It is in GLib 2.5.4, which is
a beta release, not a stable release.

Where did you get the demo program from? Download an older stable
version of GTK+, e.g. 2.4.9, and try the demo from there.


On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 01:23, Cui, Fanzhe wrote:
Regarding my question in previous email, I think the glib library file
should include g_fopen() function. In my project, I included
glib-2.0.lib, which came with installation of glib2.4.8, but I don't
know why the linkage complains that g_fopen() not resolved. I wonder
if anybody in the email list has seen the same problem or knew what
was wrong with it?
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Subject: [Glade-users] Problem of linking gtk-demo images.c program
I am new to gtk+, and glade, and I had a problem trying to link the
images.c demo which comes with gtk-demo. If somebody can help me out,
it would be appreciated.
I downloaded the latest windows port of glage with gdk+ from:
http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/, and I was able to run the
gtk-demo. I was also able to compile and link some other glade2 demos
with MS VC++ 7.=20
The problem was when I was trying to make a little more complicated
testing program by modifying images.c in C:\GTK\share\gtk-2.0\demo
directory, which is part of gtk-demo program.=20
When I build the project by linking the program, I got:=20
main.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _g_fopen
referenced in function _load_file
.\/gtk-demo_images.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
The problem is that the program calls g_fopen() function which is in
the in the library that I included. I searched the library and it
should be in one of glib library. I am not sure that the problem
caused by using windows port of the gtk+ pkg. Anybody has seen such
problem or have any idea about how to resolve this problem. Thank you!
Best Regards,
Fanzhe Cui
Intel America's, Inc

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