[Glade-users] c++ source file

thx so i can seperate all gui things from the source code. I report
back when my gui is done asking how to link it :)

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 09:46:52 +0100, Tomas Eroles i Forner
<tomas eroles wanadoo es> wrote:
Hi Gert
The goal of Glade is to create the graphical front-end of an
application, and generate the minimal source code for this front end,
not for editing the code.
You might use Anjuta, for eample, for editing the source code.
You will need a file .glade, I think, with the description and features
of the front-end.
Then you have to create the gui using glade, and after link the events
with your program.
El mi=E9, 09-02-2005 a las 04:06, Gert Cuykens escribi=F3:
Hi i have source code that uses gtk can i just open the code in glade
and edit the gui ?
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