[Glade-users] Newbie: Generated code differ with those in tutorial

On thu, 2005-02-03 at 16:31 -0500, Neo Anderson wrote:
I am very confused. The destroy handlers are not the same in prototype. 
What's the deal?
The difference is that the delete event is invoked when the user
requests to close the window, whereas the destroy event is an event that
any widget will receive once it is being destroyed. You can have more
info by installing devhelp and the gtk documentation.
In the first case, the default handler for delete is invoked since the
handler returns FALSE. As a consequence, the window is destroyed, and
gtk_main_quit is invoked.
In the second one, gtk_main_quit is called earlier.
You don't have to care, unless you want to keep the application running,
or have more than one window.

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