[Glade-users] Getting the menu toolbar items to execute other executables ...


I'm not much of a programmer, so I'm having a bit of a
problem learning glade.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is setup a menu
window so that it has "ssh", "telnet", "ftp", etc. and
under each item is a list of servers I connect to. 
Making the menu and submenu items was the easy part,
of course. What I'm having problems doing is getting
the submenus to spawn a terminal window with the
appropriate command.  

For example, in the menu "ssh", I have "myhost" as a
submenu item  ... the signal handler is setup with an
action method. In the callback.c, I've been trying to
come up with a method to fork off a terminal window
that will execute "/usr/bin/ssh myhost" *and* leave
the menu window open and running.

I'm just not quite sure what to try ... I've tried
fork, execl, and system functions in the callback, but
I'm not programming it right. The best I've been able
to come up with is a method with execl that closes the
menu and opens the ssh session in the same terminal
window that started the menu.

Any ideas?

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