[Glade-users] Refresh information automatically

On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 20:19, Sig Meneses wrote:
Hi, i Have a  question , mm im using glade, and im doing an aplication that 
needs to refresh every period fo time for example every 10 seconds. but i 
dont now how to dothat, now im using a botton that when i want to execute 
tha aplication i just push it. But i want to eliminate that , i dont know if 
i just need to hide the botton and put a kind of timer... mmm but i dont 
know how..

You can set up a timer with g_timeout_add(). See

The kind of information that i need to refresh is in a text view.. so other 
quiestion is, how can i clear the textview????

You can use gtk_text_buffer_set_text()


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