[Glade-users] intltool and new XML comments attribute

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 03:35, Neil Zanella wrote:

Recently glade had added a support to "comments" attributes to
"property" XML elements
inside the user interface, and the result could be seen in the
resulting XML glade files.

So now I run intltool-extract as follows:

$ intltool-extract --style "gettext/glade" foo.glade

but the comments were not there, and some strings marked as not
translatable were gone.
So now it seems support for such strings has been taken out of the
source code. Why?
I was hoping to have some translatable strings with comments extracted
for use with
the latest version of intltool...

I'm not sure a new intltool has been released that supports "comments"
yet. If you use the cvs version it should work.

Strings marked as 'not translatable' don't need to be extracted. They
should still appear though.


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