[Glade-users] glade "Handle Box": dockable toolbar: resizing problems


This may seem like a minor issue but from the final user's point of
view it is not.
Real life desktop users like to resize windows to their own liking, no
matter how
usable they are or not, cause they like to have full control over their desktop
space. Sometimes, they may just want to make a window smaller for the
sake of seeing another window without iconifying it, so as to not make it
end up on the task bar with a zillion other iconified windows. So, yeah,
users really appreciate having good control over their windows.

So now let me come to the point: in glade, I have designed a "Handle Box"
and shoved in it a "Toolbar" and a bunch of reasobably sized "Toolbar Buttons",
perhaps ten of them. When I check with kruler (perhaps gnome has a ruler
application as well, but anyways that doesn't matter), all the icons on the
toolbar take up roughly 600 pixels. As I said, the user may want to make
space for another window on their desktop and would enjoy the possibility
of making the window narrower if it need be.

Now, in glade, I can do this: some of the buttons disappear and a small
black downward pointing arrow allows me to click on it and display the
rest of the buttons if needed...

This is nice. However, when I go and compile my application which uses
libglade, and then run it, I don't see this happen. The application prevents
me from making the window narrower. So, why is this?

(the glade application itself, does not let me make the window narrower,
although it gives me the illusion of this possibility when I design).

So, I tried embeding the taskbar in a "Viewport" wih automatic scrollbars,
but that's not how it's done. Anyone help me solve this mystery? Is there
simply some option which the glade property editor is not showing me but
that nevertheless exists and I must set?

How do I create a _fully resizable _handle box with toolbar with toolbar buttons
in glade?



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