[Glade-users] No button for getting the list of signals for a widget


I'm a glade user, and I have a problem I'm going to explaing.

This image:
was taken using glade 2.6.0, and as you can see, the button for getting
the list of signales is there.

But, this one:
was taken using glade 2.6.2

As you can see, there is NO button for getting the list of signals.

I'm seeing the same problem with glade 2.6.1

I'm using gtk 2.4.13 and glib 2.4.7; and I compiled glade in the same
machine, with the same libraries.

Can anyone give a hint for fixing this bug?

Sandino Flores Moreno <tigrux ximian com>
Ximian Inc.

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