[Glade-users] I18N and Glade XML, really, (much better than Qt translator), and almost perfect, but...


I just ran the following and the results were impressive, in the sense
that the output really makes sense...

$ intltool-extract --type "gettext/glade" jdoe.glade

except for... I get a lot of strings like this:

$ cat jdoe.glade.h | less
char *s = N_("Name");
char *s = N_("Name:");

You see, they are the same string. The only difference is the semicolon.
What a drag for translators. I mean, if it was an exclamation or question
mark, at least Spanish translators would have some work to do since
they'd have to place an inverted exclamation or question mark before
as well as after the name, but for a colon, as far as I know, no language
is going to need to put some other character at the beginning of the sentence
just because there is a colon at the end. Am I right or am I wrong?

Hmmm... I can't claim to know all languages in the world, but I would
be surprised it it were not so. But anyways... maybe there's nothing
wrong with people having to translate these kind of strings twice,

In any case I can write a script to make translators avoid the extra work,

Comments welcome,



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