[Glade-users] feature to reduce clutter and how to deal with some future MDI support problems mentioned earlier



I've been using glade all day and night. Now here is what needs to be
done, cause
closing all those windows by moving the mouse all over the screen is
getting really
tiring, and I've got 25 windows or so and keep needing to go over all
of them. So...

On the main glade window:
  - click once on the window icon, and glade should show the window
  - click once again on the window icons, and glade should hide the window

  - click on the label, and it should change to an entry widget which
can be edited
    so I can edit the window's name without having to access the
property editor.
    Hit enter in there, and the entry widget turns back into a label.


And when you implement multiple document interface with state saving, together
with all the window positions, also save whether each window is
visible or hidden.


Finally, when you implement state saving, don't forget there are some window
managers that have virtual desktops like fvwm2 which could make things more
complicated, so just so users don't loose track of everything, just make a menu
entry to purge the state (position of windows + which ones are hitdden + which
one is the current window).


Best Regards!!!


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