[Glade-users] "Columned list"

Hi all!

Since I need break from my java, and since I've cheated a little with python i thought I would give pyGTK a 
try. Preferable, using some sort of an interface builder.
So, i went away with a tutorial i found thorugh google: 

It doesn't really seem that this one is usable anymore though? If I try to use the "old" columned listbox, 
Glade (2.0.1) smashes. And, as far as I can tell, the GtkTreeView (which is the only one I found) doesn't 
have the ability to set columnnames and put combo-boxes into it?

Maybe I'm far off the road here? Does anyone know of a good site or something that would be a beter 
introduction for me?

Nice weekend and best regards
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